Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'PACA CAMP! First Group

Our granddaughters came for a visit and had a great time!

Helping Grandpa!

The girls helped grandpa get hay for the alpacas.
Of course they loved riding in the pickup!

It's lots of fun working in the field with
the alpacas and Grandpa!

Grandma shows dyeing fiber with Kool-aid

We dyed white alpaca fiber with rainbow colors
using Kool-aid dye.

The rainbow colored fibers
are dyeing in the sun.

Felting is Fun!

The girls are felting rainbow beads!

The girls are felting "snakes" with the rainbow colored
fibers. After they dry, we'll cut them into beads and string
them on a pretty ribbon.

Here the girls are wearing their
'Paca Camp 2009 t-shirts and
the necklaces of kool-aid dyed felted beads