Thursday, September 10, 2009


I held a nuno scarf class with three enthusiastic and talented students! Fiber Artists in their own right, TahNibaa, her mom Sarah and Caroline are awesome weavers and therefore experienced in working with fiber. You can see by the pictures that they found felting to be great fun!

Sarah is ready to roll (felt) her creation of alpaca fibers, material and novelty yarn on a tea dyed silk scarf.

Sarah, Caroline & TahNibaa really get into the fulling process of "throwing" their scarves! This action causes the fibers to further migrate and tangle with each other--laminating fibers, material and yarns together.

Admiration for their own and each others scarves!

My three new friends wearing their scarves!
Note at the top right side of the picture the NEWLY born white cria--just 5 hours old!

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